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Boughton Hookloader Net (40yd skip) Easysheet  

Boughton Hookloader from skipnet.co.uk
Please select colour before adding to basket - dont forget your shock cord
£80.00/unit exc. VAT £96.00/unit inc. VAT
Skip Net Colour:

Boughton Hookloader Skip Net Easysheet Features: 

Boughton Hookloader skip net mesh

High Quality Mesh 

Mildew and rat proof meshing 
Boughton Hookloader skip net edging

Reinforced Edges 

Mesh edges completely reinforced for added strength 
Boughton Hookloader skip net eyelets

Reinforced Eyelets 

Eyelets placed at regular intervals around mesh edge 
Boughton Hookloader skip net ribbing

Footer Ribbing 

Reinforced footer with  
Boughton Hookloader reinforced header

Reinforced Header 

Reinforced header section for added strength 
Boughton Hookloader header bar section

Header Bar Section 

Reinforced header bar ensures easy fitting and operation 

Heavy Duty Boughton Hookloader Easysheet Skip Nets. 

Manufactured from 300GSM polyethylene, this high-quality Heavy Duty Boughton Hookloader Skip Net is the best way to prevent debris falling out of your Boughton Hookloader load while being transported. Fabricated from dipped mesh pvc material with small mesh squares, this netting guarantees the contents of your skip will always remain within your container.  
Suitable for use throughout all weather conditions, this premium skip netting is also weatherproof, mildew and rat proof. This ultra-durable netting will not corrode after prolonged exposure to heavy rainfall or intense sunlight. 
Ultra Heavy-Duty Mesh Skip Nets manufactured from 300GSM dipped mesh pvc 
The net is extruded creating a fine mesh to stop small debris from escaping 
8mm elastic bungee tie allows you to tightly attach this net to your skip container 
Reinforced Eyelets are positioned at intervals with a reinforced gusset 
8mm thick elastic shock cord can be threaded through this net’s eyelets ensuring that it remains tightly attached to your storage container, regardless of how fast you are travelling. 

Range of skip net and load coverings: 

We stock a range of high performance easysheet skip nets and load coverings in blue and black including Boughton, EDBRO and HYVA nets 

Easysheet skipnets and load coverings: 

Premiere manual skip nets: 

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